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Product Safety Approval for North America

Equipment certification to CSA and UL Standards

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Your Options for Product Approval in North America.

Inspections done to the CSA SPE-1000 Model Code and approved on the spot.

Inspections done to relevant UL, NFPA, ANSI standards.

Evaluation, testing and approval done to applicable National standards and equipment intended for hazardous locations.

Canada FEUSA FECertification
Equipment needs to be used in Canada?
Equipment needs to be used in the USA?
Quantity exceeds 500 per model per year? (Canada only)
Need on the spot approval for compliant equipment?
Need lowest cost approval option?
Equipment used in Hazardous Locations (HazLoc)?

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Inspection Body Standards ISO 17020

For Canada / CSA Standards

For Canada / Control Panel Only


Certification Body Standards ISO 17065

Certification Label

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