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Product Certification

Need fast and efficient product certification?
Attesta provides best-in-class certifications to ensure your
product meets applicable CSA, UL, or NFPA Codes and Standards.

CSA, UL, and NFPA Product Certifications by Attesta

Attesta’s Evaluation and Certification program offers approval for your products, done to any applicable CSA, UL and NFPA standards.

The Certification process will involve a comprehensive analysis to ensure that the product complies with all requirements of the pertinent standards.

If you have a small quantity of a product, it may be eligible for approval under an alternative process known as Field Evaluation. Field Evaluation is specifically intended for custom products or prototypes where certification is not practical.

Attesta certification expert performing product approval tests.

Product Evaluation anytime, anywhere…

In the initial design stage and need to understand compliance requirements?

We can conduct a review of your design documents prior to equipment build. This can save the need to make product revisions later on.

Want the evaluation at the point of manufacture?

We can come to the equipment assembly location and evaluate your product before you ship it to the final destination. In case any revisions are needed, you can take care of them in your shop prior to shipment.

Equipment already at the final location?

We can come to wherever your equipment is located and evaluate your product to meet your schedule requirement. We understand your need for urgency!

The Attesta Approval Mark.

Our signature monogram represents our assurance to you that every “t” has been crossed, every “i” has been dotted, and every box has been checked off.

Our marks of approval are authorized for use by the Standards Council of Canada.

Learn more about our marks of approval.

Attesta product certification approval label

Looking to get your product certified for US or Canada?

In the US and Canada, certification is generally done to a recognized UL or CSA Standard. The certification process will involve a comprehensive analysis to ensure that the product complies with all requirements of the pertinent standard.

If you have a small quantity of a product, it may be eligible for approval under an alternative process known as field evaluation. Field Evaluation is specifically intended for custom prototypes where certification is not practical.

The following explains the steps that will apply to most product certifications:

Process Step 1: Identify the standards required.

Identify the market for which the compliance needs to be determined.  Depending on whether your product will be used in USA, Canada, or both, we will need to identify which standards will need to be reflected in the certification.

Many times there are multiple standards that are required to be met.  If you already know which standards are required, let us know, otherwise we can identify them for you.

Process Step 2: Analysis of documentation.

Once the standards have been finalized and you have decided to proceed with the certification, our technical team will get involved and study all the documentation provided.  This involves a review of electrical and mechanical drawings, component Bill of Materials, user manuals, specification sheets and photos.

At this step, we are looking to determine clause by clause compliance to each of the certification standards involved that are related to construction of the product.  Anything that is non-conforming will be identified and provided as a findings report.

Process Step 3: Product Testing

Upon determination of compliance in Step 2, a sample unit will be subjected to all relevant tests that are required by the standards involved.

Many tests are non-destructive tests, but some will cause damage and may even require multiple samples.

Note that sample units must be representative of the actual units which will be subsequently manufactured.

Process Step 4: Completing the Product Certification Approval

Upon successful completion of required testing, the complete certification report is assembled with all the noteworthy details and test results.  The final report is officially issued, along with a certificate of compliance and the product make and model are added to the Attesta directory of certified products.

In accordance with ISO 17065, the entire certification file needs to be reviewed and finalized before it is considered official.  Once the certification is issued, the product or batch of products that was certified is marked with the Attesta certification mark that applies to the category of the product.

In the case where the Certification is intended for ongoing factory production, the factory’s manufacturing and quality control processes need to be audited to determine compliance with Attesta’s factory qualification program.  Authorized factories are permitted to apply the Attesta certification mark directly to the product.

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