Attesta Safety Ceritifcation Inc.

Product Evaluation System

Attesta operates under a comprehensive Quality Management System which includes detailed processes and procedures for all its internal and external operations.

Attesta conducts Product Evaluations in accordance with the requirements of recognized product standards. Additionally, Attesta is bound to any requirements that may be separately imposed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction in the area where the product is being used or sold.

Product which meets all of the requirements described above and also complies with the requirements of the specific standard against which the equipment is being evaluated shall be granted Certification under the Certification scheme which is signified by the application of an approval mark and the issuance of a corresponding Certificate of Conformity.

Approvals may be revoked at any time for equipment which is subsequently found to fail to meet any of the above described requirements.

Product Evaluations typically involve the following:

  • Pre-evaluation Stage:
    • Verification of general compliance with all requirements of the Field Evaluation program
    • Confirmation that equipment falls within the Scope of Standards included in Attesta’s accreditation and competency
    • Compliance with AHJ requirements
    • Availability of documentation
    • Safety for the Inspector conducting the evaluation
  • Evaluation (and Approval) Stage:
    • Evaluation of equipment in its final state of assembly for compliance to applicable Standard(s)
    • Testing as required by the applicable Standard(s)
    • Documentation of all findings and communication of findings to client
    • Determination of Conformity and application of approval label to conforming equipment
    • Completion of Evaluation Report
  • Documentation Issuance Stage
    • Issuance of final approved report along with Certificate of Conformity
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